3Dbooth info


url : https://vmug2.cmvirtual.eu/cmportal/ExibitorEntryFormPart2/vmug20/config/normal
user: firstname.lastname
-> you need to reset your password with your emailaddress

We made a small manual that you can access here : VMUG2020booth3Dmanual .

When you need help, do need hesitate to contact us.
Don’t wait too long to setup your booth. Feel free to let me know when your booth is ready.

I’ve setup our booth in a few hours and lost most of the time in
– Gathering the necessary information , pdf, urls,…
– Resizing the logo’s and images

Let me know what you think. I’ll love to hear your feedback. There is a chat integration with the most common live chats (make sure that you have someone or few people who will attend that live chat)
When you want to do a video chat, you can use the members area and interact with members that way. This will be made available at the VMUGBE day itself.
This was a feature that I missed on VMworld, an easy way to video chat with the sponsors. This will be possible with the video chat feature in the members area
We choose the free TAWK.to

Short instructions : GotoTawk2



The Lead iPAD in your exhibition booth allows you to scan leads and record their interest in your products by using the eventscan platform.
This lead system needs to be configured and managed in our external lead system : https://portal.eventscan.eu/User/lead/Default.aspx.
To do so, you can configure the “qualifiers” (products, services, interests) you wish to track.
To prepare your profile, please log in at your personal Exhibitor Portal page on:

Lead system url : https://portal.eventscan.eu/User/lead/Default.aspx

user , password and activation code received by mail from VMUG Virtual Conference <virtualconference2020@vmug.be>

This is an instant lead system, which means: you can check and download the leads during the virtual conference and don’t have to wait until we provide the data to you.

See also the manual for more detailed info : LeadcollectionSetupManual

A sneak preview of the hall you can find here