Our 1st virtual VMUGBE is a fact !

The response and feedback was amazing.
Allthough it was not the same as a physical meeting, it was the next big thing!
90% of the people who gave feedback rated us 4 or 5 on 5.

Thank you all for the support and the many compliments.
It was extremely rewarding to read all the positive feedback. Especially after all the hard work.
Your feedback is valuable to us since we continue to improve.

Congratulations again to
Luc Dekens for receiving the VMUGBE COMMUNITY AWARD 2020 from the audience
RUBRIK being awarded the VMUBGE SPONSOR AWARD 2020 by our community

All sessions are available on-demand for the people who registered until 15 November 2020 !

Kind Regards

Erik Schils
VMUG Leader Belgium

Some of the feedback quotes
“This is a great experience given the circumstances. Well done VMUG team – as usual!”
“being a virtual event this is great, specially with all the live sessions.”
“I was quite surprised by the professional setup.”
“I’ve attended a few online events, this is the first vmug but I have to say – this platform is by far the easiest and bugfree
(or I am just lucky )”