Sponsor Session : ITQ : Building the datascience platform of the future with vSphere Bitfusion and Kubernetes

VMUGBE virtual Conference online

VMware vSphere 7 is the perfect platform to run machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) workloads. But why? Data science departments push the limits of their compute platforms to perform more complex calculations, use larger data sets and get results sooner. In this session, we will explain how vSphere 7, with all of its innovative features, is the perfect platform for data scientists. Being able to run distributed and containerized DL/ML applications natively on vSphere with Tanzu, and fully executed with hardware accelerators with vSphere Bitfusion, shows the true potential of the vSphere platform. This session will also cover design considerations and include demos to showcase how these technologies complement each other.

AI/DL/ML Sponsor session