Sponsor Session : ControlUp : Keep your EUC Environment Running Smooth with ControlUp and Scoutbees

VMUGBE virtual Conference online

Now that your workforce is remote, being in full control of your VMware Horizon deployment is more crucial than ever. During this session, you’ll learn how ControlUp can help you effectively monitor your remote workforce, enhance end-user experience, and fine-tune VMware Horizon infrastructure performance from one unified real-time console. See how easy it is to integrate ControlUp with Horizon, witness the power of automated management capabilities using native, Horizon-specific Powershell scripts, and dive into comprehensive historical reporting and analytics to help you optimize resource utilization and correctly provision your machines.

During this session you’ll also see Scoutbees, a brand new SaaS offering from ControlUp, that helps you proactively monitor your business application availability, spot trends, and ensure a smooth sailing in your virtual environment. Scoutbees helps make sure your EUC environment—VDI endpoints, network appliances, and corporate published resources—is operating at optimal levels with a simple, intuitive platform.


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