The AI-Ready Enterprise Platform : Unleashing AI for Every Enterprise with VMware

VMUGBE virtual Conference online

Enterprises today look to AI to transform their business. They are looking at how to best invest in AI workloads such as training, inferencing, as well as data analytics. According to a Gartner survey the top 3 reasons include revenue increase or cost reductions, the need to stay competitive, and faster funding approvals. While enterprises see tremendous value in AI, there are also significant challenges and barriers. The Gartner survey also found that many projects never make it from pilot to production, and top barriers to AI implementation included complexity of infrastructure integration, as well as security and privacy. In this session you will learn how VMware is uniquely positioned to deliver a powerful AI-Ready Enterprise Platform leveraging vSphere’s own natively integrated Bitfusion technology or through it’s partnership with NVIDIA.

AI/DL/ML vSphere