Speaker Instructions 1st virtual VMUGBE

First of all, thank you for being a speaker.

ALL sessions are live and not pre-recorded. This way we want to give a similar experience as in a physical event. So if there would be technical hickups, bear with us and give us some credit. In case this should happen : get some coffee and try again in a few minutes , but please DO come back.

Between every session there are 15 minute slots. Please do not use this time all the time to ‘get back to work’. Use this time to network ! It’s VMUGBE day, last day before the weekend 🙂

Presentation in PPT format

Please use 2020 VMUG PPT TemplateFINAL when possible

You will receive the Zoom invitation 1 day before the Conference , on Thursday 22 October.

Most important : Can you please provide your presentation before Wednesday 13:00 so we can upload them into the system. This will function as a backup in case your presentation streaming has problems.  We will capture your local presentation. The Powerpoint presentation still needs to be send to us before Wednesday. We will use this as a backup scenario.

Using your local presentation requires of course a good internet connection. Use wired connection when possible or make sure your wireless is sufficient. Turn of all your notifications (slack, mail, Sfb, Teams,..) on your pc during your Zoom.  This and other tips you’ll find below in an extra document.


Please note that we can not allow that you will go over your schedule as we need to prepare the next speaker after your session.
If you are not ready in time, your session will be closed by the system at the end of your timeslot ! For details of your timeslot , see below

Virtual Meeting Room

  • Participants are not in the zoom invite
  • They connect to a live stream in the Virtual Meeting Room on the Virtual Congress’ web site.
  • They can type questions via a Sli.do Q&A panel
  • To see these questions, you will need a second screen (or second window).
    • Go to https://www.sli.do/ and type in the session code. The Sli.do code for your session will be in the personalised e-mail with your Zoom link.
    • You can monitor the questions during your session (i.e. select the most important/interesting questions and address these to the relevant speaker). Take 5 minutes for this Q&A
  • Participants can “like” questions submitted by others. Popular questions will float to the top, so they are easily identifiable.


  • It is crucial to stick to the scheduled timing of your session. A dedicated production team and equipment-setup is allocated for each session. During breaks between sessions they need to immediately switch to the next session to allow the next faculty team to start their session. Overextending your session time causes immediate delay and stress for the next session. Therefor your session will be ended when your timeslot is ended. Keep this in mind during your presentation
  • Q&A
    • As explained above, you can monitor questions in the Sli.do application/website
    • Please keep an eye on incoming questions and ask the most relevant ones to the speakers during the Q&A moments. During their presentation, please mute your microphone in the Zoom application. During Q&A, turn it on. The technician will ensure that your camera view and that of the speaker are displayed.
    • Time delay in Live Stream
      As explained above, participants attend the session via a live-stream in the Virtual meeting room.

There is about 20 seconds delay on the live-stream. So participants see and hear everything with that delay. This is absolutely no problem. But please be aware of this when monitoring questions. Any reactions to the programme will come in after the audience has seen/heard the content (with a short delay)


Time Schedule

Keep in mind that the system will not allow any extension on this schedule. So it’s better to stop 5 minutes earlier and do some Q&A as your session will be cut off at the end of your session

Sess.ID Seq. Date S. Start S. End Track Session type Topic code Session title Room
VMUGBE01 23/10/2020 8:40 8:45 session Welcome – (Erik Schils – VMUG Leader Belgium) Stream 1
VMUGBE02 23/10/2020 9:00 9:40 session vSphere consumption / optimization : field return Stream 1
VMUGBE03 23/10/2020 9:00 9:40 session Ways to watch your VMworld Stream 2
VMUGBE04 23/10/2020 9:55 10:25 platinum sponsor Platinum Sponsor : Rubrik : Policy-Driven Data Protection for the VMware SDDC with Rubrik Stream 1
VMUGBE05 23/10/2020 10:40 11:10 gold sponsor Gold Sponsor : Login VSI – Is Heart Monitoring a Must Have for Digital Transformation? Stream 1
VMUGBE06 23/10/2020 10:40 11:10 gold sponsor Gold Sponsor : ControlUp : Keep your EUC Environment Running Smooth with ControlUp and Scoutbees Stream 2
VMUGBE07 23/10/2020 11:25 12:05 session Increasing VM density. Don’t be (too) afraid of resource reclamation Stream 1
VMUGBE08 23/10/2020 11:25 12:05 session In the trenches by day, aspiring to be an architect at night Stream 2
VMUGBE09 23/10/2020 13:00 13:30 platinum sponsor Platinum Sponsor : Veeam : Sneak Peek to what’s new in Veeam Backup and Replication Stream 1
VMUGBE10 23/10/2020 13:45 14:25 session Lessons learned: Successfully implementing a vRealize Automation project. Stream 1
VMUGBE11 23/10/2020 13:45 14:25 session Speed and scale tips for PowerCLI Stream 2
VMUGBE12 23/10/2020 14:40 15:10 gold sponsor Gold Sponsor : HPE: Getting the Ultimate VDI Experience with HPE and NVIDIA Stream 1
VMUGBE13 23/10/2020 14:40 15:10 gold sponsor Gold Sponsor : ITQ : Building the datascience platform of the future with vSphere Bitfusion and Kubernetes Stream 2
VMUGBE14 23/10/2020 15:25 15:55 gold sponsor Gold Sponsor : VMware : Virtual Cloud Networking Stream 1
VMUGBE15 23/10/2020 15:25 15:55 gold sponsor Gold Sponsor : IGEL : Simplify Deployment & Increase Performance with Optimized Solutions Stream 2
VMUGBE16 23/10/2020 16:10 16:50 session A Candid Look at the Benefits of Containers Stream 1
VMUGBE17 23/10/2020 16:10 16:50 session Why becoming a vExpert? Stream 2
VMUGBE18 23/10/2020 17:00 17:15 session VMUGBE AWARDS and Prize Draw Stream 1
VMUGBE19 23/10/2020 17:15 18:00 session VMUGBE QUIZ with Prizes Stream 1


Additional info

Update 20.10.2020 : added: Turn of all your notifications (slack, mail, Sfb, Teams,..) on your pc during your Zoom. This and other tips you’ll find below in an extra document.

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