Frank Denneman

Chief Technologist - Cloud Platform at VMware Message

In addition to engaging with customers and press, I present at Industry leading events to drive awareness and excitement about what we are doing at VMware.

I’m the Chief Technologist for the Cloud Platform Business Unit at VMware. In this role, I concentrate on new projects and aligning products and features to (new) workload resource requirements. One of the new workload projects I focus on is Kubernetes on vSphere. How can we improve our current product suite and how can customers use the current feature set to deploy Kubernetes on vSphere successfully? I serve as a trusted adviser to VMware’s customers and partners and gather customer feedback on VMware Cloud and Hypervisor products. This feedback is relayed to the product teams to ensure new functionalities match the customer needs.

Besides my position at VMware, I serve as a technical adviser for EVO Venture Partners. In this role, I provide strategic guidance for our portfolio.

I am a VMware Certified Design Expert (nr. 29) and the primary author of frankdenneman.nl. A blog focused on resource management for virtual infrastructures. It has been voted as a Top 5 blog consecutively over the last five years.

My Sessions

Keynote – VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Vision and Strategy

Lamot Mechelen

Learn about VMware’s 3-year Hybrid Cloud Vision and Strategy. We’ll discuss industry trends driving our thinking and then lay out our vision for how we can evolve our core platform to support where customers and the industry is going.