Luc Dekens

Systems Engineer at Eurocontrol

Started of in a Mainframe (OS/360, OS/370, VM) and a Dec PDP11 environment. Administering different Windows and Unix flavors was added to my task list over the years. Been using the VMware suite (Workstation, GSX/Server, ESX) since several years. Currently into PowerShell and automation.

Was delighted to hear the phrase “the software mainframe” recently.

Specialties: Automation, PowerShell, VMware, PowerCLI, Windows administration, Linux administration

PowerCLI : the Power of Code

Lamot Mechelen

Some solutions do not come out of the box. When you mix some inspiration, some knowledge and some code, you can achieve more. In this session Luc will show some examples of this theorem. The examples include, but are not limited to: – InstantCloning – How to run scripts through Alarms (even when you use […]

Community Session PowerCLI